The 2024 Mixpanel Benchmarks Report

Introducing Mixpanel's 2024 Benchmarks Report - Journey Through the Metrics 🔭

The Mixpanel team created this latest edition of the Mixpanel Benchmarks Report to be your navigation system in a universe of metrics. In it, they analyse two years of rollercoastering digital product metrics. By showing performance trends across key industries, these benchmarks will not only help you understand where your business stands in the competitive landscape but also provide a roadmap for improvement.

What's Inside:

🪐 A comparison of how products perform in four strategic areas:acquisition, engagement, retention, and marketing performance

🪐 A breakdown of product benchmarks, combined with industry-specific insights for Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Ecommerce, Technology, Healthcare, and Gaming

🪐 An analysis of product performance across platforms, highlighting how mobile drives growth

🪐 Perspectives from industry leaders on market challenges, trends, and winning strategies

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