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For over a decade, we've identified the best global technologies and hand-delivered them to African enterprise brands. For us, it’s more than just Martech. Our team of hand-picked local experts drive onboarding and implementation, adoption, ongoing support as well as bespoke client solutions. Get more with YOUKNOW Technologies.
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YOUKNOW was started in 2013 by our CEO, Kelvin Jonck, out of a need to help African digital professionals leapfrog their competition by expertly leveraging the world’s top technology, in the local context.

Our team brings innovation and insights wherever they go. Based in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town. We aim to be your on-the-ground experts in Africa.


Your Local Experts

We are curious bunch, each with our own special spark - ready to light the fire that empowers businesses in helping them find and utilise the best value-based, software solutions.

It's been the best adventure building YOUKNOW. We provide the world's greatest tech as a bridge for SA's incredible brands.
Kelvin Jonck
Founder and CEO
I’m proud to be Employee No. 2 at YOUKNOW! Now, I’m leading the Solutions team, delivering work that our clients love and expect.
Ryan Brunyee
GM Solutions
I aim to forge solid partnerships with clients, providing them with top tech expertise to achieve their business objectives.
Meghan Holmes
Senior Technical Account Manager
I make the things do the things 💪🏼. A love for tech, & an affinity for problem solving is why I am the Solutions Engineer.
James Jullies
Solutions Engineer: CX & Analytics
My role here is simple: help everyone Get S#it Done. Leadership, guidance, mentorship, process & perspective.
Don Packett
Chief Operating Officer
As a member of the Techie team, I’m passionate about understanding our products and turning our customers into expert users.
Antonio Buys
Onboarding & Platform Specialist
I immerse myself in getting tech stacked. I don't just learn it; I live it, to supercharge our client experience.
Kevin Mujuru
Technical Account Manager
As Head of Customer Success, I help my team to drive excellence in customer satisfaction & ensure our clients achieve their goals.
Pieter Berner
GM Technologies
As a Data Expert at YOUKNOW, I turn boring data into business gold. Certified Brandwatch expert & excel wizard
Bongani Sithole
Junior Data & Reporting Analyst
I'm a Seasoned Marketer, Martech Enthusiast, and Tech Strategist 🤓 I specialise in strategies for better customer experiences✨
Kayla Jacobs
Technology Strategist: CX & Analytics
I specialise in data mining, predictive modeling, storytelling, and visualisation. I drive impactful insights and decisions.
Sandra Nkosi
Data & Reporting Analyst
I may be entrenched in the Ops side of the business, but I am also keenly invloved and enthusiatic about our Tech.
Bianca Lance
Operations Manager
My passion for people, processes, and data drives me to lead YOUKNOW's Data & Reporting team. We are the Data Vaders.
David Vahle
Lead Reporting & Data
You think our stuff is cool? Yeah, me too! As the marketing team lead I am all about telling rad tech stories.
Camille Darné
Head of Marketing
With over 10 years of Social Media Marketing experience, I can put myself in your shoes & understand your needs & challenges.
Shaun Pearson
Product Owner: Social Tech
Looking after clients is a small part of what I do. Ensuring that clients are at the forefront of innovation is what I love!
Alexander Hoyland
Product Owner: Khoros & Domo
I make Martech magic! Transforming tech jargon into engaging content and events. Collaborating with teams to integrate game-changing tech.
Rayne Weiss
Marketing Manager
I have a passion for designing, being creative, and being a perfectionist in areas that matter.
Inéz Akhalwaya
Junior Designer
Who said I can't be both an Accountant and a Techy? Finance may be my main function, but our Tech has changed my life.
Cornel O'Kelly
As a data-driven storyteller, I leverage cutting-edge tools to drive growth. I love digital innovation 🚀
Ian Sinclair
Product Owner: Research Tech
As a TAM, I bring knowledge in data analysis, research, CRM, digital experience, social media analytics, and SEO.
Thando Msutwana
Technical Account Manager
As a Lifecycle Marketing Manager I am passionate about process perfection & problem-solving. I am also a sports stats nerd.
Ethynn Van Os
Lifecycle Marketing Manager
Renowned for strategic client engagement, I excel at building strong relationships and driving customer satisfaction.
Solethu Coka
Account Manager
As Renewal Manager, I focus on client success, innovation, driving revenue growth, and ensuring client satisfaction. 🚀
Adeline van den Worm
Renewals Manager
I work closely with clients to address their unique challenges, maximising their tech for better decisions & driving growth. ❤️
Robin Sampson
Account Manager
I'm an expert at supporting our amazing team with content that helps YOUKNOW what we do. I also make stuff look cool sometimes.
Liam Cain
Digital Content Coordinator
I love words. With a passion for writing and creating content, I am so happy to be YOUKNOW Tech's first official copywriter.
Paul Nkau
Junior Copywriter
Why Choose YOUKNOW
We are bridge builders


We connect people, ideas, and technology, fostering strong relationships and seamless integrations that drive success.

Family first


We prioritise the well-being and support of our team and their families, believing that a balanced life leads to a thriving work environment.

Expect excellence


We set high standards in everything we do, striving for exceptional quality and performance to exceed client expectations.

Everyone's an expert


We recognise and celebrate the unique skills and knowledge each team member brings, empowering them to lead and innovate within their areas of expertise.


Hear From Our Team

At YOUKNOW, our people are our greatest asset. Our team shares their experiences, showcasing what makes YOUKNOW a unique and inspiring place to work. From our collaborative environment to growth opportunities, hear firsthand from our dedicated and passionate team.

Kelvin Jonck
As the Founder I always feel like I should be doing everything, but then I realise that we've built up a team of genuine experts and good humans that enjoy what we do. That leaves me with one thing: make them happy and enabled.

Kelvin Jonck

Founder and CEO

Ryan Brunyee
Working at YOUKNOW has connected me with smart, inspiring people from all around the country and the world. I learn something new each and every day, I mean it. The team pushes one another to be excellent.

Ryan Brunyee

GM Solutions

Meghan Holmes
Every now and then I think to myself, how the heck did we get so lucky to find such genuine, talented, hard-working individuals that always go above and beyond. Then I am reminded - it's because of Kelvin.

Meghan Holmes

Senior Technical Account Manager

James Jullies
It's been a revelation working at YOUKNOW - for my career as well as my personal development. Creating a great company culture is a tough road, but I think YOUKNOW has truly built a great one. 💎

James Jullies

Solutions Engineer: CX & Analytics

Don Packett
Yes, we work with incredible technologies, but it's the team who make YOUKNOW so phenomenal. The blend of our team of curious and driven humans, with our partners and of course our clients ,makes me wake up every day feeling grateful.

Don Packett

Chief Operating Officer

Antonio Buys
I can wholeheartedly affirm that there is nowhere else I would rather be. This company has provided me with incredible opportunities to develop a range of skills, alongside an exceptional team.

Antonio Buys

Onboarding & Platform Specialist

Kevin Mujuru
At YOUKNOW Technologies, we’re all about connection. It’s a place where everyone’s within reach, and we genuinely inspire and support each other. What I cherish most is our commitment to growth—not just the company’s, but ours as individuals and that of our clients.

Kevin Mujuru

Technical Account Manager

Pieter Berner
It is seldom that you get to work with brilliant yet kind people on a daily basis, but at YOUKNOW, that is a very real thing and I love it! Every day is a learning day and with that comes all sorts of exciting challenges and opportunities.

Pieter Berner

GM Technologies

Bongani Sithole
Working at YOUKNOW has been a game-changer for my career. Exposure to their cutting-edge tech stack has truly upskilled my abilities, allowing me to craft insightful reports that impress clients.

Bongani Sithole

Junior Data & Reporting Analyst

We’re Always Looking for Talent

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If you’re passionate and driven, please send us your resume and become part of an awesome, world-class team.

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