Take the hard work out of hard research

Knowing your audience isn’t just for research professionals who can run complex analysis in their sleep. The GWI platform makes it easy for anyone to become an expert on any audience, with smart tools that make it simple.

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Use rich data to guide your strategy

The GWI platform provides a level of detail you can’t find elsewhere. Easily turn your data into rich audience profiles with insights that enable you to go deeper.

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Profile consumers with pinpoint accuracy

GWI's capabilities take you far beyond demographics. Using over 40,000 specific lifestyle traits, segment and define your audiences in unparalleled detail.

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Connect at every touchpoint

Know your consumer's decision making processes at each stage of the purchase journey. Shape your message to engage with your audience in the moments that matter.

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Reach your audience effectively

Create a strategy that drives the success of your media campaigns. Identifying your key audiences, no matter how complex, and understand how to reach them in the best way.

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Tap into the world’s biggest digital consumer survey

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Global coverage

Extensive coverage of 48+ countries

Compare global markets or deep-dive into specific regions to get insight into any local audience.

Global coverage
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Extensive database

Access to 2.7B+ consumers worldwide

Tap into the world's largest ongoing study on the online consumer for quality research and coverage

Extensive database
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Brand coverage

Availability of 4,000+brands

Explore perceptions, engagement, ownership and more around some of the world’s biggest brands

Brand coverage
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Audience profiling

Massive selection of 40,000+ attributes

Profile your audience in extreme detail, analysing robust data on interests, behaviours and more

Audience profiling

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Do stuff you can’t do with any other platform

With local and global data at your disposal, identify opportunities and future prospects. Tap into a wealth of data across 47 markets and 40,000 data points to first identify opportunities around who to target and guide you through your pitches.

Client pitches

Use data on a wide range of categories to determine what type of audience to target. Use specific audience segments to activate campaigns in different channels.

Media strategy

Analyse a mix of online and offline data to understand the people consuming, buying and engaging with similar brands, products, and audience segments.

Audience modelling

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