High-tech customer engagement solutions

Khoros was designed & built for digital customer service, online brand communities, and social media management — differentiated by award-winning services with 20+ years of experience. Over 2,000 brands, including 52 of the Interbrand 100 companies, use Khoros to create customers for life.

Khoros builds strong digital relationships

Khoros allows brands to go beyond transactions and build a relationship where the customer feels known and connected, so you can create customers for life.

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A platform for transformative CX

Khoros lets you connect with your customers from the moment you make your first offer to the moment of sale, and beyond.

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Software and services built for enterprise scale

Khoros have built an AI-powered digital engagement platform you can trust — under your biggest success or worst crisis.

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The team you want to work with

Gain access to Khoros’ award-winning services, coaching and in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.

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An AI-powered CX platform to empower you across your enterprise

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Khoros Marketing

Deliver the most effective, compelling social media marketing campaigns at scale. Collaborate with multiple internal and external teams to seamlessly plan, schedule, publish and analyse your ongoing social media campaigns.

  • Easy-to-use platform that puts configuration in your hands
  • Scale and align teams to operationalise your paid & organic social programs
  • Accessible insights that inform your broader business
  • Control access and content to protect your brand equity
Khoros Marketing
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Khoros Care

Turn your social channels into enterprise customer care channels to foster customer relationships and uplift customer satisfaction. Deliver world-class digital customer care and sales with AI-powered workflows and rich analytics, while deflecting call volume and cutting operational costs.

  • The right channels for the right reasons
  • The right platform to increase customer NPS and maximise efficiency
  • Orchestration, workforce management & analytics, and open integrations
  • AI-powered workflows and operational analytics
  • Give agents a single, easy-to-use platform to manage all their digital conversations
Khoros Care
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Khoros Communities

Khoros community transforms your website into a branded social hub where you host the conversation and reap the rewards of a deeper relationship with your customers resulting in increased sales, reduction in customer service costs and accelerated innovation.

  • Build a self-service knowledge hub to enable instant customer support and success
  • Attract more visitors and build trust
  • Increase innovation and delight
  • Expert community management
  • Power your community and increase your team’s efficiency with integrations
Khoros Communities
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Khoros CX Insights

Khoros CX insights sits on top of all your customer communication platforms to provide a single view of all customer conversations and comments, normalising and classifying the data for comprehensive CX analysis.

  • Aggregate all sources of customer contact and feedback
  • Classify each customer interaction with a taxonomy unique to your business
  • Visualise data down to the individual interaction in one application
  • Democratise access to data and insights across the organisation
Khoros CX Insights

use cases

Khoros helps customers develop meaningful connections & build trust

Surface insights about your audience, content, and market to help craft the right messages at the right time on the right channels.

Campaign optimisation

Stay on top of any crisis by understanding when crises are emerging and how and when to engage using real-time data and custom notifications.

Crisis management

Develop competitive benchmarks and track your competitors’ campaigns to ensure meaningful brand differentiation.

Competitive intelligence