Empower real-time consumer-brand interactions

Braze is a leading comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and brands they love. With Braze, global brands can ingest and process customer data in real time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross- channel marketing campaigns and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies.

Create powerful customer engagement with ease, at any scale.

Empower your team with the platform built to push customer engagement forward. Braze unlocks your most creative customer engagement strategies and the support to grow them at your own pace.


Cross Channel Experiences

Orchestrate responsive, cross-channel experiences within a single interface.


Scale Customer Engagement

Enjoy trusted performance and reliability at scale.


Compliance & Security

Stay compliant with world-class data security

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Empower your team with the platform built to push customer engagement forward

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Data & Analytics

Harness real-time data to reach every customer on a personal level. All the data you need to deliver engaging messages when you need it. Use data flowing into our platform immediately for campaign triggering and cross-channel personalisation.

Data ingestion

Customer data comes from a variety of sources and systems. Easily ingest and act on that data with our robust SDKs or APIs, CSV imports, or our open partner ecosystem.

Reporting & analytics

Use our real-time analytics and in-depth reports to understand performance, pick up on actionable trends and insights, and prove the impact of your strategies across platforms and channels.

Data streaming & sharing

Break down data silos across technologies and teams. Continuously send rich data from Braze to your teams' leading data technologies.

Data & Analytics
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Campaign Orchestration

Create customer-centric journeys that deliver the cohesive, responsive, and personalised experiences customers expect with Braze Canvas Flow.

Intuitive journey building

Compose messages, orchestrate journeys, and experiment in one unified, drag-and-drop platform—no code needed.

Dynamic personalisation

Understand customers in real time and trigger the next step in their journey based on contextual preferences, behaviours, and cross-channel interactions.

Powerful experimentation

Test and optimise messaging, frequency, channels, and more, all from a platform that can automatically adjust to ensure customers receive the right message on the right track at the right time.

Campaign Orchestration
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Sage AI by Braze

AI technology with a proven track record.

Spark Creativity With Generative AI

Create engaging cross-channel customer experiences while spending less time on routine copywriting tasks, content refinement, and image creation.

  • Save more time: Spend less time on routine tasks and focus more on driving brand strategy with Sage AI by Braze Copywriting Assistant and AI Content QA.
  • Minimize bottlenecks: Reduce your dependencies on overworked or resource-constrained creative teams by creating your own message-ready graphics quickly with the DALL-E Image Generator.
  • Introduce new programs: Automate your always-on campaigns, freeing up time for the creative campaigns you’ve been dreaming of.

Take Personalization to the Next Level

Make every experience feel personal with intelligent tools that automatically tailor content, recommendations, and messaging journeys to each individual customer.

  • Drive next best actions: Use Predictive Events to identify, target, and engage with customers based on their likelihood to purchase, churn, or perform any other custom action.
  • Build customer loyalty: Automatically decide when and where to send messages based on each customer's likelihood to engage.
  • Increase revenue: Leverage AI Recommendations* to promote products and content personalised to each customer, and deliver the campaign variant most likely to drive a conversion and sell more.

*Currently in the beta stage of development

Achieve Better Results

Automatically test and optimise any message, campaign, or customer journey in just a few clicks.

  • Increase campaign confidence: Use Sage AI by Braze to optimise for the campaign variant, driving the highest overall conversion rate or personalise optimisation for each customer’s unique attributes and behaviours.
  • Drive more conversions: Apply ML-powered experimentation and automation every step of the journey. Optimise the content, timing, channel, or anything else that will drive your customers to perform the following best action.
  • Reduce complexity with automated, accessible, and no-code optimisation features directly integrated into your campaigns and customer journeys.
Sage AI by Braze
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use cases

Do more faster with a platform that performs brilliantly at any scale.

Reduce unnecessary spending, save time, and get better campaign results. Achieve superior customer engagement, foster rapid innovation, and optimise your budget with an all-encompassing, user-friendly solution. Streamline conversion, team collaboration, and cost-efficiency.

Boost productivity

Greet new customers with seamless, personalised welcome flows. Leverage cross-channel messaging to boost engagement. Creative campaigns and data-driven experiments at Hinge increased click-through rates by 200%. HBO Max's personalised onboarding achieved a 3,000% higher subscription rate. Hosco's custom onboarding led to a 54% increase in click-to-open rates and 10,000 new job applications. U.S. Soccer's unified approach raised paid subscriptions by 43%.

Optimising onboarding

Craft timely, relevant experiences that motivate customers to stay engaged. Enhance personalisation and gamify engagement. 8fit achieved a 13% conversion increase with Braze. Sephora SEA used customised "Angpao" messages to boost purchases by 132%. Kolibri's data-driven A/B testing increased revenue by 15%.

Increase engagement