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Brandwatch helps you to understand the people of the world in ways you didn’t think possible. No matter how fast things change, Brandwatch's technology follows in real-time. This platform is the difference between leading the way and getting left behind.

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The world’s most powerful consumer research tool

Digital consumer intelligence enables organisations to adapt to a fast changing world by connecting decision makers to strategic insights derived from a combination of real-time online data, customer data and marketing intelligence.

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React to every consumer trend

Brandwatch Consumer Research is the unmatched champion of the social and consumer intelligence industry.

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Find new market opportunities

The next big opportunity for your brand is already being talked about by your customers.  Follow every conversation to discover insights that grow your business.

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Get better results and ROI

When your actions are powered by robust, unique insights you’ll get a competitive edge that produces measurable results.

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Shield your brand from threats

A single tweet can transform how consumers view your brand. Respond with speed and confidence before problems develop.

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Smartest artificial intelligence

Only Brandwatch has spent 15 years developing industry-leading AI, including image analysis, auto segmentation & instant analysis.

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Fastest growing dataset

Only Brandwatch provides the most historical and real-time consumer data - 1.4 trillion historical conversations back to 2010 and 501 million new conversations added every day.


Powerful alone, better together

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Consumer Research

Brandwatch Consumer Research gives you access to deep consumer insights from 100 million online sources and over 1.4 trillion posts.

  • The Most Data: 1.4 trillion posts back to 2010
  • Smartest AI: Machine learning classifiers, AI-powered search, image analysis, and Iris, your AI assistant
  • The Most Powerful Analytics: Flexible UI that works across an organization
  • Global partner: 99% customer satisfaction and a team of subject matter experts

Consumer Research
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The world’s leading content marketing platform. Letting you identify and track the most engaging content on the web.

  • Every site: Explore every shared article online in the world’s largest index of social engagement data to discover what works so you can get more likes, links and shares.
  • Facebook and YouTube data: Discover the content that is being shared and engaged with on platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Full Suite: Full stack of marketing tech including keyword tool, backlink monitoring, influencer identifier, journalist details and ongoing brand monitoring.
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Discover instant insights about any audience. Understand your audience, find real influencers and benchmark to see what’s unique. 

  • Unique database: Explore a live database of 450m Twitter users
  • World-leading influencer tech: Discover audience-specific influence with our proprietary influence score
  • Optimize Twitter Ads: Create highly-specific tailored audiences and export directly to Twitter
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The leading marketing reporting and command center solution for the enterprise.

  • Vizia Reporting: Measure how engaging your reports are with live metrics
  • Integrations: 16 unique integrations connect all your vital marketing data
  • The Hub: Instantly share live data with any screen across your organization

use cases

Leapfrog your competition with the best social listening platform

Track brand health over time, analyse key trends around your business, and optimise your brand messaging with tangible data.

Brand management

Measure your share of voice, understand brand perception across the globe, and dive deeper into sentiment to add context to your analysis.

Competitor analysis

Get a critical head start with real-time signals - power your command center with live data to see problems instantly, with alerts enabled for the entire organisation with the right information.

Crisis management

Discover important consumer needs in online conversations, spot new opportunities for growth, and benchmark performance.

Trend analysis

Map the customer journey, analyse sentiment, topics and conversation at every touch point, and spot the pain points that stop customers returning.

Customer experience

Discover audience content affinities, measure what content performs best for your audience, and amplify your digital content for the right audience.

Content strategy

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