Go Everywhere Club


Welcome to the Go Everywhere Club! 🌍💻🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Inspired by the 'DOMO Everywhere' philosophy from our partner @DOMO, where data meets everyone, aligning seamlessly with one of our core values at YOUKNOW Technologies - 'everyone an expert.' This natural synergy birthed the Go Everywhere Club—a place where data lovers unite to move together and think together.

Whether you're a number cruncher, trend analyst, or someone who just loves to share your data journey, our Go Everywhere Club is your perfect stride companion. So come optimise your run, break personal bests, and stride alongside fellow data enthusiasts. This club is all about embracing the world of data together, where we celebrate the intersection of analytics and athleticism.

Ready to take on the challenge? Sign up, lace up, and join our Go Everywhere Club!

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