2024 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report


Introducing Rival IQ's latest annual Social Media Industry Benchmark Report, now turbocharged. They've surveyed thousands of top brands and companies to uncover the secrets of social success. This comprehensive report covers essential metrics from 2023 across 14 key industries:

🍻 Alcohol

👗 Fashion

💵 Financial Services

🍔 Food & Beverage

💄 Health & Beauty

👩🏾🎓 Higher Education

🛋️ Home Decor

🤳 Influencers

📱 Media

🎧 Tech & Software

💕 Nonprofits

✈️ Travel

🛍️ Retail

⚽️ Sports Teams

It's all you need to gauge your social media performance against competitors on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Gain valuable insights into evolving engagement trends and optimize your strategy for 2024.

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