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the social sona webinar with david vahle and shaun pearson

Our fellow South Africans and digital participants, we are pleased to introduce "The Social SONA: State of the Nation Address," a webinar of significance and insight. Guided by our YOUKNOW comrades Shaun Pearson and David Vahle, experts in the realm of Brandwatch, this event will dive into conversations across our social nation. Join us as we explore the impact of Barbie on marketing discourse and the emergence of threadfluencers, chat through the influential role of X, and provide strategies to align your brand with the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Simply fill in your details to book your seat and get your questions ready ahead of the interactive webinar. This is an opportunity to enhance your understanding of the social landscape in South Africa and ask our experts any questions you have about our global tech partner, Brandwatch.

⏰ Time: 10:00 - 10:45

📍 Location: Google Meets (shared upon registering)

🗓️ Date: Wednesday, the 20th of September

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