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Modern Chat & WhatsApp Surveys

Launched in April of 2020, Modern Chat expands Khoros Brand Messenger and adds the ability to create custom chat widgets that appear on brand web pages according to defined rules and conditions.

With Modern Chat, this flexible feature achieves more comprehensive complex functionality while at the same time, strives for easy-to-administer self-service. Conversations will still easily traverse from Modern Chat to your iOS and Android SDK implementations of Brand Messenger for your authenticated customers as it is all powered by the same brand owned messenger.

Khoros modern chat screenshot

Traditional, session-based chat is expensive for brands and inconvenient for consumers. Khoros Modern Chat gives consumers what they want — answers on their own time and in real-time. Conversations are built around resolutions, not sessions. With Modern Chat, brands can resolve inquiries faster and more accurately to dramatically improve customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs.

Modern chat gif

Modern Chat expands Khoros Brand Messenger and adds the ability to create custom chat widgets that will appear on brand web pages according to defined rules and conditions. Formerly known as Web Chat, this feature was previously available but display conditions had to be custom made by the brand. With Modern Chat, this feature becomes more comprehensive and also self-service.

WhatsApp support for NPS/CSAT Customer Feedback

Khoros introduced NPS®/CSAT Customer Feedback with surveys for Facebook Messenger, Khoros Brand Messenger, Apple Business Chat, or SMS. We have now added WhatsApp to the channels you can gather instant feedback from

Different Platforms Screenshot

WhatsApp: CSAT example

WhatsApp CSAT example

WhatsApp in Survey Results Widget

WhatsApp Survey Widget

For more information about this feature see NPS/CSAT Customer Feedback.