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On 03 March 2021, award-winning branding agency Magnetic Creative announced that they are newly partnered with market research giant GWI, thereby increasing the value of their brand intelligence services.

Magnetic Creative has made it its mission to “humanise brands,” which makes audience intelligence exceptionally important. A good brand means having a good idea of who you’re marketing to, especially if you want to speak to your audience on their level and on their terms. Today, there is no better way to discover more about your audience than through GWI.

To Magnetic Creative, “Branding is fundamentally about shaping the direction of an entire business” - it comes down to every employee keeping in the back of their mind the same message, the same purpose and the same overarching goals. Not only is this what they achieve for their clients but also for themselves in their own brand.

Dean Jackson, partner at Magnetic Creative and MD of the Cape Town office, says the partnership with GWI opens new doors of value creation for Magnetic Creative’s digital strategy and operation. “As a business today, it’s impossible to conceive planning or execution without the aid of purposeful data and insights. Working with GWI in this capacity allows us to better shape how we think, and what we do, for our clients and their customers.”

“At Magnetic Creative our approach is to combine intelligence with creativity and engagement in order to humanise and elevate brands and the businesses they represent. A trusted data and insights partner such as GWI gives us a huge lift with regards to intelligence that carries through to enhance our creativity and engagement.”

With more than 18 million interviews under its belt, GWI has become an invaluable resource to tap into consumer insights. It gives businesses direction and focus by informing them of the real wants and needs of their customers. Jackson continues: “Our partnership with GWI gives us the advantage of rich, customised research in order to better understand people and meet them where they’re at – with the benefit of better experiences for customers and ROI for clients.”

Magnetic Creative is known for its impeccable branding solutions and now together with GWI it can reach even greater heights.

ABOUT MAGNETIC CREATIVE Magnetic is a branding and human engagement agency. We guide and nurture companies to be part of a very human world by creating brands that speak to the intangible and connect emotionally. Together we'll discover your brand's soul, craft its identity, lend it a voice, and cultivate a branded experience that engages your audience in person and online.

ABOUT GWI We thrive on disrupting the industry at the highest level. We're leading the charge with our data solutions, but we've maintained the agility, energy and spirit of a startup. Since bursting onto the scene, we’ve introduced several innovations to the world of market research, from our easy-to-use, lightning-fast platform to our globally consistent, but locally relevant, data. While we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved – and our growing list of remarkable clients, of course – this is only the beginning. We have even bigger plans for the future.

MEDIA CONTACT Lebogang Kunene Marketing Manager, YOUKNOW Digital

By Jesseca Zahn