March 15, 2022

Celebrating a Year of Growth

From growing our internal teams, brand awareness and more partner wins, we have reached maturity as a business but it doesn't stop there. Our vision is still the same, ensuring that African organisations get access to the best global technology with local expertise. To keep the momentum going, we are building relationships with more African businesses, expanding our offering and helping businesses streamline their needs with the best software solutions.

We have started this year off with a bang, rejuvenating our offering, updating our website and developing our marketing and sales team, even opening up offices in Cape Town. Just as fast as our partner's software evolves, so do we and our CEO, Kelvin Jonck couldn't have said it better: “As the industry has morphed and the need to understand more about consumers has developed, we have grown to accommodate that”.

Growing an Organisation

We have experienced tremendous growth since our founding in 2013 and our team has steadily expanded to meet our customers’ diverse technical requirements. Our key objective in our continuous team expansion is to ensure that each new member shares our vision of helping African digital professionals leapfrog their competition by expertly leveraging the world’s top technology in the local context.

"We're aiming to achieve accelerated growth in 2022 through a strategy of continued new customer acquisition and strategic partnerships throughout South Africa and the rest of the continent,” Chief Growth Officer, Don Packett. We want to solidify our Customer Success processes to ensure seamless engagement and support for our customers. We’re also aggressively ramping up our marketing efforts through our new marketing team and revamped website.

As a company firmly rooted in the digital world, our existing and future customers first experience with us is often through our website. As such, we regularly evaluate whether it meets our customer satisfaction requirements. Our new website is bold and user-friendly, with efficient functions and important information on Market Research, Social Media Management, and Digital Consumer Intelligence.

Partnerships that drive success

Strong partnerships are a cornerstone of who we are, allowing us to leverage awareness of the successful brands our partners have built, offering clients the best technological solutions. We appreciate that our partners’ wins provide more opportunities for us and a stronger position in the Martech industry.

The growth and evolution that YOUKNOW has seen over the last eight years has closely mirrored that of our clients – both agencies and individual brands – as well as our technology partners.For years, there’s been a strong desire from our clients to win in the social media space. We’ve been able to become experts at this and assist our clients in leveraging the best technology in the world to win.

Recently, our technological partners have been doing some amazing things. Social media management platform Hootsuite has just released their most extensive Global Digital Report yet, offering a comprehensive look at the state of the internet, mobile devices, social media, advertising, e-commerce, and more.

Earlier this month, one of our partners, digital consumer intelligence company Brandwatch, made it onto two of G2’s Top 50 software lists. This firmly places them as a top provider of Enterprise and Marketing products in South Africa. Another partner, audience insights company GWI raised over $180 million in Series B funding to continue building the future of audience insights technology. We are is proud to be associated with such innovative and successful brands. And, there are even more partnerships in the pipeline to look out for.

We’ve added some great new brands to our client list over the past few months, which – for us – says we’re doing things right. It’s an incredibly exciting time in YOUKNOW’s journey, and we’re only getting started.