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August 14, 2020

The Best User Interface We've Seen In 2020 - Hootsuite's Latest Release

Just in! Hootsuite has updated its dashboard for a better social media management experience.

While some owlies have already been enjoying the new look and feel, the final implementation across all accounts will happen towards the end of August 2020.

Hootsuite Tweet

Last year the SMM dynamo went through a rebranding exercise, and the new Hootsuite interface is a continuation of the future-focused initiative. Fresh colours and improved features position Hootsuite as the easiest SMM tool on the market, suiting both social media novices and experts.

Hootsuite Screenshot

So, what can you look out for? The left panel has core product functions bundled together The compose button is positioned to be easier to find, no matter where you are in the platform Streams and tabs have been redesigned into boards. This simplifies the experience when toggling between social networks

Along with the above, Hootsuite has also added some NEW functionalities:

Now users can publish and schedule Instagram stories as well as Instagram Carousels from the dashboard. Hootsuite works closely with social networks to deliver value-added features to clients regularly. With this release you can: Post multiple images to LinkedIn Add subtitles to Facebook and Twitter videos Leverage additional metrics in the analytics component

More exciting additions to Hootsuite will be announced over the rest of the year. We're keeping mum for now - but stay tuned for how Hootsuite is quickly becoming the most coveted Social media Management tool in South Africa

To see a brief demo of the environment click here.

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