How to build an audience on GWI in under 5 minutes - with Ryan Brunyee
June 22, 2023

Now YOUKNOW How - Learn to build an audience on GWI in under 5 minutes

Welcome to our new series, "Now YOUKNOW How," where we provide step-by-step guides on leveraging global martech to gain valuable insights. In today's tutorial, we'll explore GWI (the world's largest online consumer research survey) and demonstrate how to build an instant audience, focusing on South African millennials.

Whether you need quick research for a pitch or need new insights into your target market, this guide will help you unlock the potential of GWI. Join our Marketing Insights Lead, Ryan Brunyee, as he shows us how to build a GWI audience in under 3 minutes!

Step 1: Create an Audience

To get started, log in to the GWI platform and navigate to the Audience tab.

  • Click on the pink button labelled 'Create a new audience.'
  • Then, select' Add attributes' in the box labelled 'Define your audience'. This is where you will begin your journey of defining your audience.

Step 2: Define your Audience

In this example, we'll focus on building a basic millennial audience. Follow these steps within the attribute window:

  • Choose and refine the demographic attribute by selecting personal demographics - age - age groups - generations - Gen Y (millennials).

  • Once fully defined, it will open you back onto the Audience tab with a newly built (millennial) audience.
  • Save this audience by clicking the pink 'Save' button in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3: Gather Instant Insights

Let's explore this millennial audience by uncovering their favourite social media channels.

  • Access the Charts tab in the top left corner.
  • Click 'Question Charts' and choose your desired dataset, such as GWI Core.
  • Select a topic relevant to your inquiry, such as 'social media'. This is where we start to build our specific chart to understand millennials' preferred social media platforms.

  • Further refine your exploration by delving into specific areas, such as social and messaging usage and frequency of visits or usage.
  • Refine the data by further filtering the data by location, data waves (timeline) and which GWI data set (GWI, kids, custom and USA)
  • Add the audience you built earlier by clicking the pink "Apply an audience" button.

Step 4: Analyse your Data

  • You can sort your data further on the right-hand side, such as segmenting by, adding metrics, and changing the chart view.
  • Customise the question chart by adjusting the frequency options (e.g. more than once a day, daily, monthly, or weekly).

And within just a few minutes, you've gained key insights into South African millennials, such as their most used social media platforms.

This step-by-step guide has demonstrated how GWI empowers marketers to uncover valuable insights about their target audience's social media preferences and usage habits. Stay tuned for more data-driven videos in our "Now YOUKNOW How" series!

If you want to watch this step-by-step tutorial, head to our Youtube channel: Now YOUKNOW How | Learn how to build an audience on GWI in under 3 minutes

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