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October 5, 2020

Brandwatch’s Summer Of Data: TV Data, LinkedIn, And More

LinkedIn Channels

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, with more than 690 million users on the platform. Last year, the platform’s engagement increased by 50%, so it makes sense as to why 97% of B2B marketers find LinkedIn as their go-to channel for their content marketing efforts.

Brandwatch allows you to keep track of the performance on all of your company’s LinkedIn pages in one place. This allows you to strengthen your content strategy to make it more impactful in the global professional community.

When you are seeking to better understand what drives engagement the most, and how it contributes to reaching a larger audience, you can measure the success of your owned and paid content. Build a more valuable audience by analysing and monitoring your following over time. Study responses to recognise your top employee advocates and industry influencers who could ignite new conversations and opportunities.

Facebook And Instagram

Social media giant, Facebook, recently revised their terms to further define how social intelligence partners utilise their data for analysis.

What should bring joy to Brandwatch users is that Brandwatch has been compliant with Facebook requirements for years. So, unlike other data providers, there will be no loss of data or significant changes for our users. Brandwatch can continue to focus on further developments that help users make the most of their Facebook and Instagram data.

New Additions This Month:

  • Bulk uploading of non-owned Instagram business accounts: Increase your coverage by monitoring the posts of the brands, newsrooms, brands, and companies in your industry.
  • Improved user-experience: The Brandwatch Query-builder now has alerts to notify you when you need to set up channels and hashtags to get sufficient coverage.

Upcoming Additions:

  • Even more user experience improvements: Monitor Facebook and Instagram accounts with more agility and with easier authentication.
  • Hashtag autocomplete: It's now easier to search for and find the correct hashtags to monitor.
  • More historic data: Now you can get 400 days of historic data for both owned and non-owned Facebook pages as well as owned Instagram accounts.
  • Non-owned Facebook pages now allow bulk uploading.

Disqus: Article And Blog Comments

Disqus is a public commentary sharing platform used by many news sites such as the Boston Herald, Mercury News, and Bloomberg. Disqus is also used by blogs, review sites, and forums.

When your query matches the text in a comment, Disqus data will be automatically added to your results. Ask your Customer Success Manager on how to best utilise this new content source.

  • Monitoring comments under blogs and articles adds a new layer of consumer insight to your brand tracking.
  • Understand how people are reacting to articles or blogs about your brand to get your consumers opinions on the current events.
  • Notice when people bring up your products or competitors’ products on review sites or forums.
  • Identify unlicensed selling of your products
  • Analyse comments on your own site, if you utilise Disqus.

Geofence Queries

Using latitude: and longitude: operators, you can now filter or search within a particular area. This opens up an entire host of new possibilities such as:

  • Monitoring live responses to events.
  • Comparing consumer discussions at various transport hubs, malls or shop locations.
  • Discovering where your brand logo appears at popular monuments and attractions.

Per Capita Maps

Brandwatch Vizia now has a new 'per capita' map view, this allows you to see where your brand or topic has been mentioned the most. This is very helpful for answering strategic questions that will inform important business decisions such as:

  • Which audience does your campaign best resonate with?
  • Possible regions in which your new product should first be launched
  • Identifying new markets in which your brand may be gaining traction.

Better Location Tagging

Locations provided by social media users in their bios cannot be easily placed. They are often slang, playful, or ironic (e.g. “Jozi Maboneng” or “The mother city”). Brandwatch’s advanced machine learning algorithms can learn to interpret those informal references and correctly link them to their actual geographic meanings, providing you with sharper data for your location analysis.