How WesBank Partnered With YOUKNOW To Provide Digital Customer Care, Using Khoros Care

The WesBank CSC Team had no system or tool in place to communicate or handle any queries online. With Khoros they were able to increase their customer social media engagement, track queries better and keep up with trends.

Enhanced Service Delivery
Enhanced Service Delivery
Tracked All Queries
Tracked All Queries
Improved Customer Expectations
Improved Customer Expectations
January 3, 2022

Project Overview

WesBank wanted to service customers via social media and drive education on their website. They needed a platform that would enable them to track queries received and plan better for their service offerings going forward.

Our experience with managing our social media queries since using the Khoros system has been great! It's is user friendly and provides us with all of the insights.

Jade Thomas


The Problem

  • Low Social Media Engagement: Without a proper platform, engaging with customers on social media was challenging.
  • Tracking Difficulties: Queries were not tracked efficiently, leading to potential loss of customer inquiries and dissatisfaction.
  • Trend Monitoring: The team struggled to keep up with trends and understand customer needs without a data-driven approach.

The Strategy

  • Using the Trend analysis dashboards and stats to proactively enhance service delivery
  • Managing human error risk by using agent response templates for handling complicated queries
  • Khoros Analytics enabled the team to get a better understanding of the query types received, better understanding of customer needs as well as customer frustrations through the use of CSAT surveys
  • Khoros welcome responses has made it easy for the team to manage customer expectations during off hours

The Khoros platform is a whole new dimension to community management. The powerful insights have provided us with a deep understanding of our clients’ customers needs.

Laura Chiweshe

Key Results

👍 Customers were serviced on social media

📱 Enquiries were tracked and none were lost

🥰 Better management customer expectations

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