Stop guessing important product decisions

Simple and powerful analytics that helps everyone make better decisions.

Holistic analysis across all digital experiences

Enable all your teams to see every moment of the customer experience clearly, so you can make changes that work.

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Help your product team understand what they need to do to drive engagement, retain and grow your user base

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Empower your marketing team with marketing analytics tied to key product conversion steps so they know where to invest your marketing budget to maximise ROI.

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Drive sustained revenue growth by uncovering how your product's performance is tied to your most important business metrics

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From data to decisions, analytics for everyone.

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Real-time insights, funnel & retention analysis, segmentation, trends, and custom reports & dashboards, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions for optimising products and user experiences.

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Ensure seamless performance and reliability for businesses of all sizes. With robust data processing, high data limits, and efficient workflows, it enables organisations to handle large volumes of data, analyse complex user behaviour, and derive valuable insights for growth and success.

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Product features of a modern tech stack

Tailor decisions to product usage by visualising how often different groups of users reach a value moment. Discover which groups are dormant and which users are the most active and compare actions & growth of user segments like power users & low-adopters.


Pinpoint where users get stuck in their path to an action and focus efforts on relieving that targeted issue. Uncover the steps users take before arriving at a key user action to identify areas to improve conversion and locate the steps causing friction for your user segments with low conversion


Provide company-wide transparency into what every event and property means. Remove the ambiguity of your data by adding definitions to events, properties, and cohorts and clean your data by merging duplicate events and deleting what you don’t need.


Tell a data-driven story that convinces your team that the feature you ship will move the numbers that matter. Place different charts side-by-side to give a holistic narrative behind what metrics are moving and include written context next to your charts that overviews the key takeaways of your data.


Uncover the full story behind a value moment in your product in seconds. Form a fully built-out analysis in seconds using only two events and useful as an onboarding tool for new teammates looking to get familiar with Mixpanel.