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Be innovative and build relevant audience-focused strategies through established social consumer segmentation.

Combine social consumer segmentation with real-time audience insights to build relevant, audience-focused strategies.

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Audiense helps marketers and consumer researchers be innovative and develop relevant audience-centric strategies through proprietary social consumer segmentation. Audiense Insights reports give audience segments with these unique properties:

Audiense - Demographics


Content from the Internet and social media platforms.

Audiense - Brands


Influencers and categories they are interested in.

Audiense - Networks


Content from the Internet and social media platforms.


Build benchmarks with various segments, nations and competitors.


Match segments with your base and other audiences.


Know the factors that impact your audience's purchase decisions.


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Audiense Insights

Utilise social data to understand the audiences that matter most. We empower organisations to intelligently engage individuals at an unprecedented scale.

  • Explore the different segments within each audience
  • Understand the common characteristics that bring these individuals together
  • Competitive intelligence by comparing segments with baselines or other audiences
  • Identify relevant online/ offline marketing channels to increase engagement and customer acquisition
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Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect is the Twitter Marketing platform trusted by thousands of brands and agencies worldwide.

  • Create your own custom chatbots
  • Build and explore communities using the world’s richest audience insights
  • Carry out community analysis, management, advanced monitoring & listening
  • Understand Instagram at an individual level and extract community insights to help develop your Instagram strategy
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I like that I can use multiple ways to find niche audiences, including people engaging with content, brand connection, self-description keywords and recent activity. There is a very powerful engine that allows me to craft very niche groups to match my clients' specific requirements.In terms of insights, Audiense provides me with a deeper understanding of an audience or each cluster, not just based on declared information.

Tamara Lucas

Marketing Manager | Google for Startups Spain

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