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YOUKNOW | Brandwatch
  • Consumer research

    Brand & market intelligence

  • Audiences

    Instant audience intelligence

  • Vizia

    Marketing reporting & command center

YOUKNOW | Khoros
  • Khoros Care

    Khoros social media care

  • Khoros Marketing

    Khoros marketing

  • Khoros Communities

    Khoros community

  • Consumer profiling

    Tailored marketing

YOUKNOW | Hootsuite
  • Enterprise

    Social media management, simplified

  • Consumer Segmentation

    Audience Insights



Understand your audience better than anyone in your industry. Intuitive, useful audience analysis at your fingertips.

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Instant social audience intelligence powered by the largest database of its kind

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Identify and target all the right people

Find target audiences by searching the Audience database with filters such as demographics, interests, occupations, locations and who they follow or engage with.

Unlimited searching and instantaneous results.


Understand what makes them tick

Develop your content plans and strategies based on your audience’s tastes and interests.

Uncover what current content is interesting to them and which conversations they’re most active in.

Change your own internal assumptions by understanding what these audiences do with their time online.


Uncover their uniqueness

Compare multiple audiences to each other to discover how your audience relates or differs, to that of your competitors. What makes them unique?

By highlighting their differences you can tailor your message to resonate with their specific view of the world.


Tap into their influence

Discover who the high-level micro-influencers are.

Research what and who influences them.

By knowing more, you’ll increase your chances of effectively leveraging their reputation with their own networks.


Get ahead of your competitors by understanding your and their audiences, with Brandwatch Audiences

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YOUKNOW is the official African partner to Brandwatch, providing sales support, onboarding, training and ongoing local consulting.


Consumer Research

Brand and market intelligence



Marketing reporting & command center