YOUKNOW and Idea Hive collaboration
December 3, 2020

YOUKNOW Digital Announces Partnership With Idea Hive

Pretoria, South Africa, 3 December 2020 - YOUKNOW Digital today announced its collaboration with Idea Hive, an agency that creates and executes pioneering Brand Storytelling Solutions. The two companies, brought together by Brandwatch, the world’s leading social intelligence company, will work together to deliver powerful AI-driven insights across every part of Idea Hive’s business.

“Data is the foundation of every digital transformation, that’s why we’ve never been more committed to delivering powerful analytics to all our clients. We are thrilled to work with such a forward-thinking company, and we are confident that will exceed their expectations,” said Kelvin Jonck, MD at YOUKNOW.

Idea Hive is an agency that creates and executes pioneering Brand Storytelling Solutions to illuminate brand power. It applies a strategic framework that extracts and aligns all the key components of any brand story.

"We've been telling brand's stories successfully for years. Idea Hive believes that digital and/or social media analytics and insights are key to assisting brands to make more informed decisions on what they should be doing to best add value to their clients. An in-depth analysis will tell it is going to rain, but it won’t carry the umbrella for you, hence, we are extremely excited to partner with Brandwatch to ensure that in the future, we deduce data to gain rich actionable insights, which will ultimately benefit our core business of brand storytelling to achieve enhanced outcomes for our clients," said Yaw Dwomoh, CEO at Idea Hive.

Brandwatch is the only social-listening platform with the most data and the smartest artificial intelligence. It gives marketers access to deep-listening capabilities across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and online news, backed by robust artificial intelligence and real-time alerts.

“With Brandwatch being the world’s leading social intelligence company that builds intelligent software solutions, we will be able to accelerate our mission and help Idea Hive and Africa as a whole more than ever see and understand data,” Tsebanang Tsimba, Head of Customer Success at YOUKNOW.

YOUKNOW, whose clients include NCBA, the Kenyan Tourism Board, MTN, Multichoice and Standard Bank has been in the Marketing Technology industry since 2013 and is known for its support and local implementation of global marketing technologies such as Brandwatch, Khoros (formerly known as Lithium & Spredfast), Hootsuite, GlobalWebIndex & Audiense.

About YOUKNOW Digital YOUKNOW is dedicated to helping brands utilise the right technology to enhance its Media Strategy, Consumer Insights, and Social Customer Care. We offer the best global intelligence technology solutions for curious companies with local, African expertise. Brandwatch, Khoros, Hootsuite, GlobalWebIndex & Audiense.

About Idea Hive At Idea Hive we create and execute pioneering Brand Storytelling Solutions to illuminate your brand’s power. We apply a strategic framework that extracts and aligns all the key components of your brand’s story. We craft and execute heartfelt and character-driven Brand Storytelling campaigns that position brands and organisations to achieve their full market potential.