Quiet street in South Africa during sunset
January 5, 2021

COVID-19 South Africa Insights: What Are People Missing?

South Africa entered a state of national disaster of the 15th of March 2020 and a week later a national lockdown was imposed.

This meant that South Africans day to day lives would forever be changed. The beginning of an era if we may. Schools were shut, store were closed and travel was banned. South Africans were limited to their homes and only allowed to go to the shops under strict restrictions and with a limited selection of products to purchase from.

The in store shopper experience and overall consumer experience as we knew it doesn't exist anymore. What does this mean for the South Africa consumer focused brands and businesses that rely on the face to face customer interactions to make sales? Essentially it puts your businesses online channel and digital readiness under the spotlight.

This period has seen data connection become the new oxygen. Using Brandwatch's new consumer insights platform we listened in on online conversations amongst South Africans.

The COVID-19 South African Insights report highlights what people have been missing the most during lockdown. In the report we take a look at what people have been missing the most as well as which activities people have been keeping themselves busy with. The data also looks at which fast food chains consumers are missing the most.

Fast food: Most Missed in SA Lockdown

What this data provides is insights into what your share of voice is a brand. Digging deeper into the data we can also determine what it is that consumers are missing from each brand. Through these insights we get to understand each brands strengths and weaknesses. Which menu items people enjoyed the most as well as which aspects of your brand people aren't missing.

As a brand or business looking to the future post lockdown it is essential to know where the gaps are within your entity and to include the correction thereof. The South African economy has taken a big knock and consumers will have an even less disposable income. Brands will have to really show up for their consumers.