January 16, 2024

Unlocking the power of personalised marketing with Braze: A South African perspective

We really are a rainbow nation in South Africa. While this is great from a diversity perspective, it has been a nightmare for marketers for many years. We have so many different cultures and languages that marketers have had a hard time creating marketing material that will appeal to their entire target markets… until now. With Braze, you can level up your business with the power of personalised marketing.

Braze has plenty of features and capabilities that can help any marketing team navigate the diverse South African landscape. Braze can help your team in the following ways:

Personalised marketing for cultural sensitivity

Braze’s segmentation and personalisation capabilities allow your business to create personalised marketing messages that respect the rich cultural diversity and traditions that call South Africa home. By segmenting customers based on their interests, preferences and behaviours, your business can deliver personalised messages that resonate with your target audience.

Braze even offers A/B testing capabilities that can enable the testing of different messaging strategies so you can optimise your campaigns for maximum impact.

Multilingual support – A core personalised marketing strategy

We have 11 official languages in South Africa, and Braze supports every single one of them. This means that your business can effectively communicate with all of your customers in their preferred language. People prefer hearing their home language, and by providing marketing material to your customers in their language of choice, you can increase engagement and build trust amongst your target audience.

In South Africa specifically, not many brands go beyond the core languages used in our country. So if you’re marketing to Setswana speakers in their home language, you’re sure to get their attention. 

Personalised marketing at a local level

Braze’s localisation tools can enable your business to create content that appeals to various South African regions and demographics. For example, your business can use Braze’s dynamic content feature to create personalised messages that include location-specific information, like local events or promotions. You wouldn’t want to waste your budget marketing an event taking place in Johannesburg to people in Cape Town, and Braze can help with this.

Engaging mobile audiences with personalised marketing

Many people in South Africa access the internet from their smartphones, and Braze can help you engage with them. With Braze, you can create personalised mobile experiences that are tailored to each of your customer’s preferences and behaviours. 

Braze also offers advanced analytics capabilities that enable businesses to track user engagement, so you can optimise your mobile marketing strategies for the best impact.

Customer data privacy

Braze is committed to helping businesses comply with South Africa’s data protection laws. So, it offers a range of features to help your business protect customer data, including data encryption and access controls.

Measuring the success of your personalised marketing strategy

Once you’ve implemented your personalised marketing campaign, you’ll want to see what results it’s generating. Braze’s analytics and campaign measurement tools let you track the performance of marketing campaigns against your selected KPIs.

Can I try Braze’s personalised marketing capabilities before buying it?

Certainly! You can book a demo through us here at YOUKNOW to see what Braze’s personalised marketing capabilities can do for your business. You can also contact us if you want to speak to an expert about the best martech stack for your business.