How to use Open AI in Brandwatch | Now YOUKNOW How
August 24, 2023

How to use Open AI in Brandwatch | Now YOUKNOW How

Welcome to our video series, "Now YOUKNOW How," where we provide step-by-step guides on leveraging global Martech tools to improve your data skills. In today's episode, we explore Brandwatch's Open AI integration and how to use it! In this episode, our Brandwatch Product Lead, Shaun Pearson, shows us how to enhance social listening and analytics with advanced natural language processing and AI capabilities, such as improved sentiment analysis, content generation, and contextual insights.

Step 1: Introduction to Brandwatch's OpenAI Integration

Brandwatch has recently integrated OpenAI into its platform. This integration improves the current Iris (Virtual Data Analyst) technology in Brandwatch. It reduces the time to insight, helping you understand what is driving peak volume on social media and giving you more context and themes to your social data, helping you make informed decisions for your brand's online strategy.

Step 2: Summerise your Insights with Open AI

First, we need to work off a dashboard. We built a dashboard around the Durban July Event this year. Let's delve into a specific use case to illustrate the power of Brandwatch's OpenAI integration.

  • On your dashboard, make sure Iris is toggled on.
  • Then, for example, click on a data point on your Mention Volume graph, and a pop-up of your mentions found will arrive.
  • From here, quickly summarise your mentions in the top right corner to get the main highlights of your data.
  • Now, you have a bullet-pointed list of your data point’s main themes and topics.

Step 3: Analysing Conversation Insights

This tool is extremely useful when tracking conversations and topics, whether it's your brand, a specific campaign, or an event, Open AI can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the conversation. In this example, we analyse conversations before, during and after the event. By summarising all the mentions with Open AI (Iris Conversation Insights), one is able to understand outcomes, your audience and who and what made an impact such as Yezi Star, load-shedding and a snake of the loose at the event!

To explore this integration further, watch this step-by-step tutorial, and head to our Youtube channel: How to use Open AI in Brandwatch | Now YOUKNOW How

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