Baking ingredients and accessories on a table
May 17, 2020

#LockdownSA: What Are South Africans Baking?

Have you been baking during the lockdown? You're not alone. South Africans have posted about their baking endeavours more than 20,000 times since the start of #LockdownSA. These conversations have reached more than 4.4 million people.

South Africa Lockdown Baking Key Insights
Baking Reach Volume

What has sparked this baking frenzy? Here's one popular reason:

baking word cloud

With all of the restaurants, bars and other venues closed, well-meaning South Africans are attempting to make the birthdays of loved ones special with birthday treats.

South frians baking birthday cakes

And how are people feeling about it all?

Emojie cloud

A little overwhelmed!

South Africans rections to baking

But most are feeling proud of their achievements:

South Africans boasting about their baking achievement
South Africans boasting about their baking achievement

Joy is on the rise according to the emotional development graph

South Africans baking causes a rise in joy

And sadness, in the true South African style, is still half joking -

South Africans humour and baking
South Africans humour and baking

Now, let's take a closer look at what people are discussing baking:

South Africans discussing ba ing in the lockdown

Cake and Bread are far out front! Did you think Banana Bread would take first place?

Cake and Bread tie for the most share of voice (31%) Banana Bread comes in with 12%.

Banana bread most baked in SA lockdown

Zooming in to Cake:

cake word cloud

Zooming in to Bread:

bread word cloud

With a country as diverse as ours, here is how the goods compare by geography:


Pretoria loves to bake cake, whereas Capetonians are most keen on baking bread.

Finally,__ when__ are South Africans most chatty about baking online?


Wednesday and Thursday are the most popular days.

*This data was analysed through Brandwatch Consumer Research, with the most volume of conversation coming from Twitter, for the period March 2020 - April 2020.