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March 5, 2021

How Digital Fanta Is Making Sure YOUKNOW Your Consumers

To claim that 2020 was a tough year for marketers is an understatement of note, to say the least. This year was hallmarked by significant trials and tribulations, a flux of trends and new behaviours that made it difficult for anybody to pinpoint exactly what was going on.

On the flip side, this was also the year where the spirit of Ubuntu took global centre stage - as world leaders, organisations plus ordinary people came together and helped make the world a better place collectively. One thing is for sure, most people became ‘woke’ and started asking some really important questions. Therefore, if 2020 was the year of important questions, I will stick my neck out and claim that 2021 will be the year of ‘important answers’.

Digital Fanta and YOUKNOW

The socio-professional dynamics inspired us at Digital Fanta to also play our part and continue making the marketing world a better place with data. To further this agenda, we fine-combed the industry, in search of the right partner who could help our network access useful insights and shed light during these dark times.

Hence, we were overjoyed when our path serendipitously led us to YOUKNOW (an exciting company that is deeply entrenched in world-leading consumer insights platforms, such as GWI, Brandwatch and Audiense). Moreover, the tech capabilities of their research platforms are ideal for the insights needs of marketers wishing to leapfrog their competition in 2021.

Together, we are proud to announce our partnership and commitment to giving marketers the ‘unfair advantage’ by sharing useful consumer insights by global research experts that are relevant to our dynamic local markets. It is key for us at Digital Fanta to enhance our network of thousands of marketing professionals across the continent, and kit them up for the rebuild that awaits all in 2021 and beyond. To kickstart this exciting venture, we will be distributing weekly doses of data as part of our #DigitalFantaNowYouKnow series that is aimed at keeping our network in the know.

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