October 17, 2023

Creating seamless experiences: How Braze Action Paths leverage real-time personalisation

Consumers' attention spans are shrinking, and we can’t blame them for it! The average consumer is often inundated by hundreds and sometimes even thousands of advertisements every day. So, you can’t possibly expect them to click on your business’s generic ad. Luckily, Braze Action Paths can provide your business with the power of real-time personalisation.

If you want your marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to deliver personalised experiences to your customers. Real-time personalisation has become more of a necessity than a bonus, as most consumers expect it, and many feel frustrated when they don’t experience it.

Basically, if your business does not have the ability to personalise messages and dynamically segment audiences based on real-time data, then you’re risking leaving serious money on the table. But Braze Action Paths can help!

What are Braze Action Paths & how can they help with real-time personalisation?

In years past, personalisation at scale was a rather hefty investment for companies of all sizes. Building the backend of these personalised experiences was both a costly and time-consuming ordeal for marketers. Syncing up your data, engineering and marketing teams into one streamlined unit used to take months at a time. But not anymore!

To simplify the process of automating key moments in the customer journey, Braze built and launched Braze Action Paths. These Action Paths allow marketers to create, define and trigger user experiences based on the actions customers take within an assigned time period, without ever having to write a single line of code.

Braze makes it so easy to compose messages and build custom personalised journeys with its drag-and-drop interface. In the past, marketing teams had to dial back on innovations due to constraints with resources, but Braze makes it possible for marketers to perform a range of game-changing marketing activities, delivering real-time personalisation for each customer.

Creating customer journeys with real-time personalisation with Braze

Step 1: Define the action

To get your customers started on their personalised journeys, you’ll need to define the action that will start this journey. For example, if you want to create personalised messaging based on actions your visitors take on your website, you can easily add a component to your Canvas customer journey to do this.

Step 2: Set your time period in action settings

Action Paths allow you to define how long your customer has to perform a specific action, and you can even specify the exact number of seconds, minutes, hours or even days. You can also define advancement behaviour, such as whether your customers will move to the next step immediately or with a delay.

Step 3: Take the marketing magic up a notch with ranking

Braze’s ranking capabilities can help hone in on your messaging based on the highest priority actions for your brand. This will help send your users down the most important path. For example, you can have a Canvas with a one-day window, with the highest priority action set as “makes a purchase,” and the secondary action set as “starts a session”

If you use ranking, when those 24 hours are up, users who have performed both actions will go down the path assigned to the higher-priority action. This delivers real-time personalisation your customers will love.

Step 4: Craft your action groups

Triggers are used to define your action groups, and you can make these groups as specific as you need them to be. For example, you can define a trigger around general purchases made or more specific purchases. You can even set triggers around engagement activities, like the number of interactions your users have with your app or website.

How can I get my hands on Braze & leverage its ability to deliver real-time personalisation?

If your interest has been piqued by the power of Braze’s real-time personalisation, book a demo here at YOUKNOW. If you’d like to speak to a martech expert first to see if Braze is right for your business, contact us now.