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Understanding users on a cultural level

Be innovative and build relevant audience-focused strategies through established social consumer segmentation. Use social data to understand the audiences that matter to your business. Ensure your core strategy consists of social understanding and consumer segmentation.

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Use Audiense to put consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy:

Actionable Insights

Learn how to engage and excite your target audiences both online and offline by using social data. Audiense enables businesses to engage individuals at an unmatched scale.


Identify any audience/segment

Audiense Insights enables you to identify and get to know any audience regardless of specificity. It also gives you the ability to merge various filter options when creating a report and customise audience segments.
Equipped with Audiense Insights, you can make informed marketing decisions, alter your targeting and run geared up campaigns at scale.


Understand who makes up your target audience

Using machine learning, Audiense Insights understands who makes up your target audience by analysing connections between the people that shape it.

Gain a deeper understanding of your target market, by going beyond traditional segmentation (age, gender and location).
Match segments with your base audiences and create benchmarks with various segments, countries or even other competitors.


Own your data

Are you working on a client presentation where you want to integrate Audiense Insights with your own data? That's not a problem. Audiense Insights makes it easy for users to export reports to PDF and PowerPoint formats or even to a CSV file.


Combine Audiense with existing tools

Audiense can also work hand-in-hand with your existing social listening (like Brandwatch) and third party audience survey tools (such as GWI)

Audiense data and insights are complementary, rather than overlapping, this can form a “bridge for intelligence” when stacked with other sources of insights like:

  • YOUKNOW | Icon
    Existing Social Listening
  • YOUKNOW | Icon
    Third-party audience Survey Platforms
  • YOUKNOW | Icon
    1st party data

When viewing a social listening audience through the social consumer segmentation lense, we can start to see how people are connected among themselves, ignore the noise and unearth more interesting, potentially unexpected communities.

From there we can use the unearthed segment to build better listening queries within your social listening tool by tracking those exact people, not keywords or hashtags.


Understand any audience

Audiense Insights reports give audience segments with these unique properties:


Country, city, self-description and names.


Influencers and categories they are interested in.


Content from the Internet and social media platforms.


Build benchmarks with various segments, nations and competitors.


Match segments with your base and other audiences.


Know the factors that impact your audience's purchase decisions.


Identify relevant audiences, discover amazing actionable insights and inform your strategies to grow your business.

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YOUKNOW is the official African partner to Audiense, providing sales support, onboarding, training and ongoing local consulting.