Connecting the dots 2023


Discover the trends that’ll dominate 2023

Key takeaways:

🌍 The World Wide Webb: What changes in online behaviours and attitudes mean for Web3 and beyond.

📱 As seen on social media: The new phase of e-commerce, is driven by changes in the way we search for products.

🦾 You, me, and my avatar in Web3: Online identities are set to develop in the metaverse. Customizable self-expression is a must.

🛍 Live a little: Despite the rising cost of living, many consumers will still be making room for “must-have” treats. What looks set to make the cut?

🌲 Buy now, save the planet later: Consumers are overwhelmed by the world, and sustainability is at stake. The issue runs much deeper than the cost of living.

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