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YOUKNOW | Brandwatch
  • Consumer research

    Brand & market intelligence

  • Audiences

    Instant audience intelligence

  • Vizia

    Marketing reporting & command center

YOUKNOW | Khoros
  • Khoros Care

    Khoros social media care

  • Khoros Marketing

    Khoros marketing

  • Khoros Communities

    Khoros community

YOUKNOW | GlobalWebIndex
  • Consumer profiling

    Tailored marketing

YOUKNOW | Hootsuite
  • Enterprise

    Social media management, simplified


Get instant access to deep consumer insights, offered up by millions of surveyed respondents within your target markets. Access consumer profiling data ideal for your marketing efforts, delivered through a platform that saves you time and effort. Replace or complement your existing research tools with GlobalWebIndex.

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Get closer to your audience

Tailor your marketing to suit your consumers, based on their direct feedback. No more guesswork or assumption, just the facts.

40+ countries

Compare global markets or deep-dive into specific regions to get insight into any local audience.

18m+ consumers

Tap into a panel three times larger than the nearest competitor for quality research and coverage.

4,000+ brands

Explore perceptions, engagement, ownership and more around some of the world's biggest brands.

40,000+ attributes

Profile your audience in extreme detail, analysing robust data on interests, behaviours and more.


Data you can’t find elsewhere

A global data set of over 18 million respondents, spanning across 46 countries, will give you the breadth and depth you need to answer complex questions on your audience.

Choose local, regional or international markets, with tens of thousands of respondents across Africa - and more to come.


Know your audience in an instant

The easy-to-use interface allows you to segment and analyse an audience in seconds. You won’t need to wait weeks for responses, you’ll get them instantly.

Build and examine complex audiences using over 40,000 attributes. Refine your targeting by exploring everything from behaviours to attitudes, interests and perceptions.


Know more than your competitors, and gather intelligence faster. Tap into the world’s most in-depth consumer study

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YOUKNOW is the official African partner to Brandwatch, providing sales support, onboarding, training and ongoing local consulting.