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Key Results

Increase conversions and overall results.
May 20, 2022

Project Overview

Driven by the right data and insights, Digital Optimisation were armed with the GWI platform to understand their clients' markets better and allow them to make better business decisions, at a fraction of the timeframe as before.

Dani Morley

GWI is certainly the most superior product I've ever had the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.

Dani Morley
CEO: Digital Optimisation


- Digital Optimisation uses GWI throughout the funnel

- Client-pitch conversion rate improved

- Use the platform to build reputational capital as credible data experts

- A 'one-up' on traditional data and research offerings

GWI has become the primary part of our trend-hunting, research, insights and strategy-building process. We don't even start until we've sliced and diced the data on GWI.

Dani Morley
CEO: Digital Optimisation
Dani Morley

Key Results

🤩 Positioned Digital Optimisation as thought leaders in the data space

📈 Increased pitch to sales ratio for new and recurring business

📊 Increased performance for clients

⏱️ Optimised time and budgets to achieve results

📦 Deliver services at scale

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